Guidelines and Policies for Hosting an Ad-Hoc Local Event

Any Liberty Chapter members are welcome to have local events and get-togethers under the Liberty Chapter (we are calling these events Ad-Hoc Local Events).

If the event is being co-sponsored with another organization, it will be sent to the board for approval.  It must not conflict with our 501c3 status as a non-profit organization and should align with the chapter’s values/mission statement. Board approval can be obtained asynchronously.

Please fill out this form to let us know about the event, so that the Liberty Chapter can assist you with planning and logistics.

Please follow the guidelines when planning your Ad-Hoc Local Events:

  • Events need to be submitted via the form at least six weeks in advance.
  • Events must be marketed/promoted to the entire chapter at least four weeks before the event date. However, events are not required to have a virtual component.
  • Events are cost neutral.
  • The Liberty Chapter will not cover up-front costs for the event.
  • If funds need to be collected, they will only be distributed to the event organizer in a reimbursement capacity after the event is completed.  Reimbursement will be organized with the treasurer
  • A budget (Word document, PDF, Excel sheet) needs to be submitted when you propose the event.  
  • The chapter website can be used for registration of attendees and collection of any event funds. Event set up on the chapter website will be coordinated by the immediate past chair of the Liberty Chapter.
  • The primary contact/organizer of the event must be an active Liberty Chapter member.
  • Event participants do not need to be restricted to Liberty Chapter members.  The organizer can choose to open registration to the public.
  • Any leftover funds from the event will remain in the Liberty Chapter account.
  • The Liberty Chapter will not reimburse more than the total amount collected for the event. 
  • Provide summary of the event to the immediate past chair of the Liberty Chapter within 4 weeks after the event date.

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