The Town Hall Meetings

11/19/2021 3:37 PM | Anonymous

Hello everyone. The Liberty Chapter recently held two Town Hall meetings because we wanted to open discussion for those who missed the merger update from the first Annual Chapter meeting. The recordings for each session are available at the bottom if you would like to hear to the full scoop.

After introductions, the first item of discussion was to open the floor up to questions and answers about the merger. The Board has been arranged to have equal state representation, but there are still plenty of volunteer positions that need to be filled. As the WWII Uncle Sam posters say, “We Want You!”

Over the course of the merger, we have kept a timeline of the major milestones accomplished and those that have yet to happen. One of the milestones we are currently hurdling is the legal aspect, such as the change of chapter names and the possible liquidation of certain assets. Financials were reviewed, and we did very well with the Annual Meeting. We had wonderful vendor support, which is beneficial for our current legal fees. Items that are also currently being hashed out include a new listserv host, implementation of the new Bylaws, and ideas for the Liberty Chapter Archives and Blog. We encourage everyone who has an idea for archival management, networking, outreach, and online social interaction to contact us. Every idea is welcome.

Board’s To-Do List:

  • 1.       First Board Meeting was held on November 16th
  • 2.       Creation of new committees, such as Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion
  • 3.       Discussion of how to obtain and retain new members

Again, we need volunteers! Some of the Board members are wearing multiple hats until the positions are filled. So, if you have an interest please join the team!

November 10th Town Hall Meeting 

November 15th Town Hall Meeting

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